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Moving Beyond Sustainability

Moving Beyond Sustainability Towards Thrivability


Our Mission





We are committed to generational and systemic change.

This means that we are committed to thinking with our clients, what is necessary for sustained change. To move toward catalytic change, we have to imagine solutions from a generational framework, balancing the needs of the now with work projected 20 to 25 years from now.

We ask, “What can we do today to make generations from now experience a different way of life?” We are EXCLUSIVELY committed to working on specific projects or initiatives that could positively impact historically disinvested, un-invested, ineffectively served or otherwise marginalized communities in the near to long term. No exceptions.

Equity requires audacity. For to look at historical practices that sustain inequities and say, ‘No more’ is dauntless.
— Lisa Yancey

We are dauntless.


Our Work 


Planning & Implementation—LOTS!!

Financial Analysis Modeling

Capitalization Strategies & Implementation

Assessments & Evaluations

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Focused Work

Leadership Coaching

Field Studies & Reports


Speaking Engagements

Writing & Publishing

Strategizing Always


Arts & Culture, Social Justice, Media Justice & Public Space


17 and counting. Launched in 2001.




Lisa Yancey, President

Lisa Yancey is an entrepreneurial strategist who has built a practice solving problems for nonprofit organizations and is a co-founder of several growing enterprises. Through her company Yancey Consulting, she specializes in strategic organizational planning, business planning, program evaluation and assessments, executive project management, revenue modeling, leadership coaching, and organizational structure assessments for nonprofit institutions.


Jolita Crosland, Executive Project Manager

Jolita is a marketing maverick. She is a Fulbright Program alumnus and has a master’s degree in media studies and marketing management and a bachelor of the arts degree in business administration. At Yancey Consulting, Jolita takes the lead in project management and supports the diversification of Yancey Consulting’s storytelling and messaging mediums. She’s adept at audience segmentation, messaging, and overall communications.

Tamara Frere

Customer and Products Development Manager

Tamara is a tenacious and solution-focused visionary with cross-sector experience and sensitivities. She has an extensive track record of supporting leadership, growth, and innovation in government and civic affairs, human and social services, community economic development, education, and business. Based on the east coast near Yancey Consulting’s headquarters, Tamara’s presence signals our expansion as a firm and the furthering of our mission to make generational impacts 20-25 years down the line by expanding access to Yancey Consulting thought-leadership and tools.

Tamara holds Master’s degrees in Nonprofit Management and Business Administration, from Columbia University and Keller Graduate School of Management, respectively.


Let’s Imagine Together

Let’s unlock, provoke, facilitate, and collaboratively imagine equitable social impacts together.

Thrivability REPORT

Learnings from practitioners in New York City–based organizations that serve African, LatinX, Asian, Arab, and Native American Culture and Communities.